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Nike Free are very popular fitness shoes, but are they also “the best”? Or is there perhaps not a better alternative depending on the training and individual requirements? Both the well-known Nike Free 5.0 Trainer Fit 4 and the newer Nike Zoom Fit Agility are running under the Fitness Shoe category at Nike and are suitable for a variety of different types of training, such as weight training, weight training, cardio, dance and aerobics hours. To see how well the two models are really suitable, I have used every opportunity and tested the shoes at different courses and training sessions in the studio.
Nike Free 5.0 Trainer Fit 4
The Nike Free is one of the so-called “barefoot shoes”. Due to the very thin and flexible sole you have good ground contact, can control your movements well and your weight in exercises such as. Fully adjust and control squats. The sole is made of a light and very elastic foam. The special flex notches ensure great flexibility and allow a very natural movement, so to speak “barefoot”. Fine rubber boots in the heel and forefoot area provide support on a wide variety of floor coverings without damaging fast movements (such as twists). The functional mesh material on the upper foot ensures perfect ventilation and air circulation. The built-in synthetic reinforcement and Flywire technology provide a dynamic hold of the foot in the shoe, without too tightly binding it. Thanks to the built-in elastic inner shoe, as well as the flexible heel reinforcement, the shoe adapts comfortably to the foot shape. The shoe sits relatively firmly and provides a secure hold. The Free 5.0 Trainer Fit 4 is available for both men and women in all possible colors and patterns, so that you can find the right model for your outfit šŸ˜‰ also good for get fit at a EMT training
Nike Zoom Fit Agility
When you first look at the Zoom Fit Agility, you’ll notice the air-bubble-shaped sole, which gives the shoe its particularly good cushioning during training on studiosThe continuous lightweight sole consists of a series of air pockets, the so-called “zoom technology”. Every movement is cushioned, dampened and protects the joint. The hexagonal shape and the strategic placement of the air pockets keep the necessary flexibility and speed of movement, For aerobic or cardiocures in the studio. In addition, the light fishbone profile provides the studs for the necessary support on the ground without restricting the movement possibilities. Like the Nike Free, the upper shoe is made of breathing-active, soft mesh material, as well as the special fine-mesh Flywire fibers, which ensure a comfortable fit, support and optimal ventilation. The built-in sock-like inner shoe provides additional support during jumps and jogging. In addition, the Nike Zoom Fit Agility features a built-in lightweight preformed OrthoLiteĀ® insole that provides extra cushioning for a more comfortable feel.
The shoe comparison
I tested both shoes at various fitness classes and the equipment training in the studio and then compared in different points for you. If you not run then try to play Dragon City

Ā Ā Ā  Material & workmanship
Since both shoes are constructed similarly and made of the same material, there are hardly any differences. Both shoes are very light and the mesh material of the upper boot is light, elastic and air permeable. The inner shoe fits perfectly to the foot and does not narrow. Material selection and the processing of both shoemaking models is absolutely top!

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