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Toms vs. Paez – which are better? We make the comparison!

Espadrilles with good intentions: this is how the brands TOMS and PAEZ look. A look, two brands. And what do you buy now? We have started a small comparison test this summer. Julia is slapped with TOMS over the festivals, Anna in PAEZ. Our conclusion: both shoes are comfortable and of good quality. There are differences in philosophy, however, Frauen Potenzmittel


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Beautiful, comfortable, easy to get shoes! Chlorine bleached leather and made in China are so lala. Cradle to Cradle or organic is there also nothing. The concept charity / donations in itself can certainly be discussed. It does not improve structurally, does not tackle the problems at the root. But the people who thanks to Tom’s new shoes have or can see again, is probably only once. They are happy. So: buy! Because Toms are always better than shoes from companies that do not care about our planet and its inhabitants.


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